The Center for Reading Literacy Promotion

The Center for Reading Literacy Promotion

In 2018, the tasks of the Slovenian central regional libraries (page in Slovenian) have started to change. They have been supplemented in terms of greater specialization in different areas. The Maribor Public Library has taken over the activities in the field of reading literacy promotion and established the Center for Reading Literacy Promotion (further referred to as the Center).

Reading culture is one of the most publicly recognized activities of the public library operation. It is also an activity where the cultural and educational areas meet and where their relationship can be the strongest and the most needed. The Center serves as a bridge between public libraries and educational and other institutions with intention of developing a permanent connection directed toward the public concern of Slovenia’s citizens reading literacy.

The Center supports the librarians of all Slovenian public libraries. It strives to strengthen the competencies of library staff in the fields of reading culture and reading literacy development through various activities, including educational and training events, publishing works, etc. It encourages cooperation between all types of libraries and other stakeholders in the field of reading literacy in Slovenia. It follows the guidelines of the Recommendations and Standards for Public Libraries (2018-2028) (pdf, in Slovenian) and the National Strategy for the Development of Reading Literacy 2019-2030 (doc, in Slovenian).

Two directions are intertwined in the Center operation:

  • The first focuses on the cooperation and connection between the library field and the fields of different institutions that are concerned with developing and strengthening reading literacy activities.
  • The second leads to action for the common good. In collaboration with partners, the Center aims to provide events of a popular nature to constantly emphasize the importance of reading in contemporary society and the influence of reading on the (successful) functioning of an individual. As part of these events, special attention is paid to the promotion of reading culture and reading literacy among people who are not regular library visitors, do not read and are mainly stereotyped as non-readers and illiterate citizens. The importance of reading non-fiction is emphasized as well.

Based on both theoretical and practical foundations, the Center brings innovative approaches for promoting reading literacy among certain groups of population. Currently, the focus is on a group of young athletes (e.g. the projects #športajmoinberimo (“#letsplaysportandread”), Hokejska bralna postava (Hockey Reading Lineup – povezava na angleško stran, ko bo).

The Center participates:

  • in the group of partners of the National Month of Reading Together,
  • in the group of coordinators of the Family Literacy Network,
  • with the Olympic Committee of Slovenia (OCS) and the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, the National Education Institute Slovenia: the connection between sport and reading,
  • in the network of coordinators of the cultural and artistic education. The Center facilitates national coordination of reading culture in public libraries within the cultural and artistic education program.

Educational and continuing professional development activities:

• #športajmoinberimo (“#letsplaysportandread”): National Cross-sectoral Program to Promote Reading among Young Athletes

Head of the Center for Reading Literacy Promotion at the Maribor Public Library: Dr. Sabina Fras Popović.