Personal Service to the Hospital

After several months of discussions with the management of the Maribor General Hospital a project of personal service (loan of the library material) for the patients in some hospital wards was prepared and organized. A librarian, based at the Tabor Library (which is located close to the Hospital), visits the patients every day. After they become Library members, they are provided with the requested library material on a regular basis.

The aim of this service is to:

  •    contribute in a positive way to the process of hospitalization and reconvalescence;
  •     help preventing isolation of the hospitalized;
  •     contribute to patients' accommodation to the outside environment after hospitalization;
  •     encourage reading also during hospitalization / recovery;
  •     to encourage active use of patients' free time.

With this service we would like to help people to pass their time in hospital more pleasantly. They can just phone the Tabor Library, Dvorakova 3, Maribor, phone: ++ 386 (0)2 331 88 70, and our librarian will be happy to provide them with the books they want. They can call the above number every day from Monday to Friday between 9.00 and 19.00 or write to our address: The Tabor Library (Personal Service to the Hospital), Dvorakova 3, Maribor, Slovenia.

Upon leaving the hospital, they can leave the borrowed material with the head nurse or return it personally at the Tabor Library. If they have become a member of our library while being in hospital, their membership card remains valid in all of our libraries.