Mission and Vision

The Maribor Public Library is one of the leading Slovene public libraries with a network of modern equipped branches. Free services and a democratic access to information is enabled by highly motivated and professional librarians to all visitors. We encourage reading culture and life-long learning. We preserve cultural identity and take part in creating the image of the Maribor Public Library and its surroundings with our services. We carry out our cultural, educational and social role.
Maribor Public Library, being also a central regional library, devotes its energies to reestablish quality library activities in a wider region and ensures a larger and better selection of library material, and co-ordinates activities concerning local history and geography.
We are a reliable, correct, conscientious and consistent partner.

Adequate facilities, services coming up to the high expectations and demands of our users,  and competent and highly motivated employees.
Quality policy and goals
Quality policy is our mission and our vision.
In a library quality is based on:

  • personal quality of each employee
  • quality of the department, service or branch
  • quality of internal and external processes
  •  quality of the Maribor Public Library as a whole

All employees are included in establishing the quality system. Personal quality of each employee is first and foremost in ensuring quality library services.