Computer litteracy programmes

Computer creativity workshops for children under 15
The computer litteracy programme for groups of children is based on modern library information science and co-operation between school libraries and public libraries. In such workshops children become familiar with the library material, electronic information, the dimensions and importance of the world wide web, the ways of finding information on a specific topic, which is at the same time the theme of a workshop (for example the Universe). The starting point is the Maribor Public Library home page. At the end of the workshop, children try to collect information about a certain topic via the Library home page. The workshop programme depends on the age of children in each group.

Computer litteracy programmes for high school
The programs for groups of high school students contain presentation of various ways of using the Library’s electronic catalogue and locating the material in the Library; presentation of electronic databases and collecting information about a specific topic; presentation of the Maribor Public Library home page as a starting point of searching for specific information on the Internet etc. The contents of the program depend on the level of students' computer literacy and are agreed on in co-operation with the teachers.

Computer litteracy programmes for the elderly
During the computer literacy program smaller groups of elderly participants become familiar with the world wide web and the ways of finding information via the Maribor Public Library home page. Local and Slovene catalogues ( are used to search for information or library material which is of the users' interest. The program is designed according to the level of computer literacy of each group.